Change of address

I recently moved house, and have been going through my various accounts to update my address. To my surprise, my Dozens account has turned out to be more of the more difficult ones to change. As a comparison, lets choose HSBC, one of the most old-school legacy banks.


  • Log into online banking
  • Go to profile
  • Click edit
  • Change address
  • Click done
    Total time: <2 minutes


  • Open app
  • Go to profile->settings, nothing here
  • Open chat. It’s a weekend, can’t do it now
  • Go to chat on a weekday. Response is pretty quick (<2 minutes)
  • Give new address. Agent asks for old address to confirm
  • 10 minutes later, get email asking for a photo of a bank statement, utility bill, insurance certificate, or council tax letter to confirm the new address. I can’t simply reply to the email, I have to send a new email with the ticket number to It’s not clear to me from the email if a pdf will do, or if I have to first find a printer, print the document, then take a photo.

Now, I understand that this isn’t a high priority feature to build into the app, hence the need to contact chat. I also understand the lack of chat support on weekend. But overall, the fact that this process was much, much quicker with Natwest, HSBC, and Lloyds than it was with Dozens doesn’t leave a great impression.


Sorry about any confusion. I will certainly pass on the feedback so they can improve the messaging as it stands

In terms of doing this yourself in the app, we have had this on the roadmap for a while but other urgent things have had to take priority and so all our development time in the last months has gone into our migration and to releasing our new systems. This is starting to happen right now.

Once we have moved to our new tech we will again focus on our own roadmap for features and products and we will certainly look at updating elements in the app like this so that customers can update their details.

thanks for bearing with us

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Thanks Rob. Improved messaging would be good, but I’d also be interested to know why I need to provide the documentation. I changed my address with >15 financial institutions, including the crustiest of legacy banks, and the only ones that required me to send documentation were Dozens and an american stockbroker.

Hopefully they’ll be able to get it up to Monzo standards :wink:

To be fair, this could be something specific to you or how you use the account. Not great if it’s the default…

I didn’t have to provide documentation but it was otherwise the same process. I’m not sure if the address is even displayed anywhere in the app?

Yeah that’s possible. I haven’t used the account for months, though thats also true of a couple of others I moved with no issues.

Anyway, I asked if a pdf would do, and they said to send them the pdf and they’d check if it was sufficient. About 4 hours later I got a reply saying it was done. So all in all it took a while but cluld have been worse - Charles Schwab insisted on me mailing a paper proof of address to the US!

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I can’t say exactly why it might be required in this instance @podgib - we do not routinely ask for this for change of address for existing customers with active accounts.

I do know that we have been ultra-cautious recently because of our focus on issues around fraud, so it could still be that we are asking more details than normal, but it is not intended to be part of the regular process.

We do want to make sure that we are careful with your accounts - remembering that Dozens is not just current accounts, but could include substantial savings and long term investments, so we are very aware of our responsibility to protect you.

I see as I type that you’ve also replied and mention it might not have been used for a few months, so it could be that we were being cautious. I am sorry that it caused you extra work. However, I passed on your feedback about the wording of the request and the team has already replied to me to say that will be looking to improve it. So thank you for your help!