Can't verify I'd

I have applied for a account but it couldn’t verify my id and its said to try again but when I click the check details button to try again nothing is happening

The app isn’t launched just yet and I’d consider the verification process in a “beta” stage - dozens are aware & will contact you if they need more information from you I believe. Don’t quote me on that, though. :slight_smile:


The app been launched today

Yep, however the product isn’t “open” persay yet, there’s a queue. I’d say hold tight (until Monday possibly? possibly not - rob should sort you out) and they’ll be able to sort you out :slight_smile:


Hi David,

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As @tommy said you just need to wait unfortunately.

Robert (dozens staff) wrote about this issue here:

The app was launched on the app stores recently as you note, but they have not given full access to everyone just yet so that they can fix the little stuff like this.

Once this is done, they will then be sending out access codes which are required to enter the app, so you aren’t missing out on the full app just yet :+1:


Great team effort! Thanks so much @tommy & @Jack

As you can imagine, we’ve just sent an invitation so there are hundreds of applications coming in today alone. We are reviewing the applications and a percentage of these will need to be reviewed manually so may take a little longer.

No-one on the waitlist will miss out. The announcement today was about the app being available so our waitlist users can get the app installed and be ready when we send out the first batches of invite codes … but that will probably be a few days more at least.

Thanks for the exciting reactions though :slight_smile: