Calling all business owners

Do you own or run a small or medium sized business - or at least handle the financial decisions for one?

How would you like to co-create a financial proposition that REALLY works for you and is not just a minor variation on what everyone else does?

We would like to speak to you … and more importantly listen when you speak to us.

We have a special event on Monday night (24th June) in London where we want to start an in-depth conversation about businesses and banking. The event is in Central/West London and will start at 17:00 but the main sessions will start a little later and finish by 20:00 (if you can only make it for the last bit, that’s fine).

Come along to this event, the first of our face-to-face sessions, and you could be part of it. There will be a reward for your time, and a chance to walk away with something special as well.

Since places are very limited, I will not post full details here, but if you are interested, contact me here via PM and I will share the details with you.

I do hope you can make it and that the #wearedozens community can be involved in this exciting development

And if you are interested and maybe can’t make it, please complete this short survey to add your thoughts to some of the topics:


I am starting as a sole trader from 01/07 both you guys and Monzo opening things just as I have joined Coconut business banking :joy:

This is all new to me anyway so would be as useful as a fart in a space suit :wink:

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