Buying your new home in 2030

I’ve been reading a lot about housing and sustainability recently, and came across this really fascinating proposal and competition:

"Instead of standard house designs on boring housing estates, it proposes community-led and self-build homes that people can design themselves.

The homes are simple to build, with flexible, affordable frames and components, and are climate friendly to build and run."

This proposal was part of a government-run competition to design housing fit for the future - and, let’s be honest, for many of us, housing is still a long-term dream and 2030 is not that far off the mark.

Ministers have shortlisted six teams of designers to be teamed with volume housebuilders in an attempt to make the next generation of housing estates greener, healthier, better for elderly people and quicker to build. Several of the winning designs in the government’s Home of 2030 contest show communal spaces running right up to front doors, shared vegetable gardens and outdoor community dining areas.

The government gave designers four key requirements. The homes should be adaptable to how needs change as people become older, have net zero carbon emissions, promote healthy living, and be deliverable in large numbers. (from The Guardian)

If we are really serious about long-term financial wellness, then a housing solution like this sounds like exactly what we should be working towards.


  • would you be prepared to give up the dream of your very own private garden and move into a more ‘communal’ estate?
  • What about having to design and build your own home? Is that a dream or a nightmare for you?

Here’s more on the finalists, and the competition:

Does this idea appeal to you?

As a new build buyer for over 20 years I find I like having a garden at first but then get bored with it. I’m currently in apartment and the estate greenery is all managed. :+1:

I’m 65+ so I’ve lived in enough places to be able to know what I want so designing my own would be good. As a single person I’d like no bathrooms but an en-suite with double sized walk in showers for myself and my guest bedroom. Built in wardrobes essential. Quiet room for office/music room. Reasonable open plan living/dining/cooking space. Natural daylight. Secure entry.

Think I’ve got most of them already except I do have a bathroom that has never been used for bathing since I moved in over 6 years ago.

My favourite room - en-suite double shower.


Interesting to think about all the different requirements we have for ‘new builds’ depending on where we are, our family situation and our age.

I’d be very surprised if most plans are not being updated now with a specific “office space” instead of a “box room” for example.

I have to say I enjoy my garden, but I also would love the freedom to have a well-managed communal space. One of the finalists suggests creating a booking system for the garden so you know you can plan a party or event. I like that! Plus being able to share the cost of greenhouses and more … maybe even shared kids activities where they can mingle, but safely and without requiring constant supervision as you would in the park.

It would be amazing if these sorts of choices might also make the houses more affordable


I have always loved watching Robert Llewellyn’s various programmes (anyone else remember Scrapheap Challenge?) but have been getting into his new podcast on all things Electrically driven

He recently published a video on a subject of housing, relating to the above. I think this is all fascinating and would love to have all these features. I actually have the Mixergy tank they talk about, but I’d love to do more.

Does anyone else have some amazing home efficiency tech?

I like more the “easy-to-build” houses but still looking at functional, design and environmentally friendly!
Just finding the right land is not the easiest these days esp. around cities

Just moved in a separate house, and I’d never give back my garden! that’s a treat to feel good in there.