British Banking Awards - can you help Dozens get more profile?

First, let me state that: “We Are Not a Bank” (you’ve probably read that around here already)


However, we are part of the wider “Banking Industry” in this country, and we are a small business on a mission and with big ambitions. So we are happy to hear that we are nominated in the 2021 British Banking Awards for ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Banking App’ categories.


Dozens (and Project Imagine) have won a number of awards and prizes in recognition of our business model, and we are very proud of these. Some of these are down to you - our customers, and in particular the community members, but in general, these have been those that are decided by panels of judges and experts rather than votes.

There’s a good reason for this - if the awards are judged (only) on the total number of votes cast, and you have millions of customers, it is easier to perform well compared to a competitor with under 100,000 customers. That’s a popularity contest.

We may not win this (in 2021!), but it would make a great deal of difference to Dozens if we could feature on shortlists like these so more people might discover our story, and join you to explore their Financial Wellness and a more secure future.

For this reason, we would MASSIVELY appreciate your support in these awards with a vote, a rating and a comment. The process is short and simple. For Dozens, every single vote will make a difference, and even if we don’t win, we will get a lot from it. Voting is open.

As a bonus, the organisers are offering anyone who votes a chance to win a £1000 prize - you can get the full details on their site.

Click on their logo here (or above) to vote for Dozens:

Thank you all!


thank you all very much! I gather we’ve been getting some great support :heart:

I also hear that we only have a listing for “current account” when in fact we offer other features that actually make us more unique, so it could be that this will be updated to cover our invest features soon :crossed_fingers:

however, don’t let that stop you voting if you are so inclined :slight_smile:

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We’ve recently sent an email to our customers to get your support, so if you have a question about the awards, please do post it here and we’ll be happy to answer it

So, the British Bank Awards announcements were just held (virtually - on twitter and LinkedIn), and …

… sadly we did not win Best Newcomer 2021 after all :cry:

However, it was thanks to your votes, both community members and our wider customer group, that we made it all the way to the final, so I just wanted to say thanks once again. :pray:

Even though we did not win, I trust that the increased visibility will encourage more customers to explore Dozens and maybe joins us.

If you want to see who won all the different awards and categories, search for #BBA2021 on twitter