Bonds missing after app update?

Hi guys

Since the app update this morning my fixed bonds seem to have disappeared from my account. Has anyone else noticed this?

This may be helpful for you :slight_smile:
The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back! - #153 by robert

Basically, the information is not stored in the app, so delays in communication between the app and the servers could impact what you are seeing.

Also, welcome to the community :wave: :grin:

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Hey Albatross,

Thank you very much for your reply. That is super helpful, I will give it a go now and see if I can get them to reappear.

Just a quick update, I have tried leaving the bonds page open, logging in and out, also deleting and reinstalling the app to no avail unfortunately. I have emailed the help team to see if they can figure what’s going on. With any luck they’ll reappear in due course.

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The first bond issuance is maturing this weekend, I suppose that could be impacting the grow section of the app.

Maybe, thanks dude.

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Good morning and welcome @ElectricSunrise

The bond information was not loading this morning - thanks for getting in touch. The team were aware of it and working on it, but you beat us to it. It should now be showing again. Is that right?

It is not directly related to the app update. In this case the update fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of account features but shouldn’t affect the bonds.

Thank you to @Albatross for stepping in while I was struggling through my Pilates class :slight_smile:


@ElectricSunrise That’s a great name, by the way. Where does ‘Electric Sunrise’ come from?

Is your picture one of you flying by any chance?

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Hey Robert,

Thank you very much for getting in touch and I appreciate your response. What a brilliant service from Dozens. You are absolutely correct, the bonds are showing again now. The name is from a song by an artist called Plini who I’m a massive fan of (it sounded cool so I nicked it :joy:) and yes that photo was from a trip with a friend a few months ago. I fly a small microlight aircraft as a hobby in my spare time. I hope the Pilates class went well. :+1:

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