Bond bidding around tax year transitions (ISA relevant)

Thinking ahead to May 2020 issuance…

I will likely bid on this issuance and it would be within an ISA. I assume bidding will open around 1 April.

If I bid on a bond for the May 2020 issuance before 6 April and my bid is successful (which I won’t know until late April) will this investment be a subscription to my 19-20 ISA or to my 20-21 ISA?



Good question.

The investment isn’t technically made, or placed into an ISA, until it is successful/accepted, and therefore only the closing and issuance date matter in this case.

So, any bids for an issuance of 1st May 2020, whatever date the bid is made, will be part of a 2020-21 ISA