#AskAC - Episode 7 - Investments are Live

The Invest section is now live! This is a much anticipated feature, both for customers as well as the Dozens team. We are very proud of the app that brings all the financial journey together to make it clearer and more manageable, and encourages all of us to focus on our financial future, and this was the last missing piece.

Because of this, I collected the questions from members who’ve asked them over the last few weeks and months, including @Gaoler @saf @Eurosceptic @Albatross @JustJordds @joshylambo @o99 @Lapitech and more, and put these to @AC

In this longer than normal session, we not only try to answer your questions about why we have built the Invest section in the way we have, but also go into some details about why this is important, and about the principles of investing - which will be interesting for those who may only be starting this journey.

As a small extra, @JuB and I recorded a short video to show you our new offices - check it out at the end!

As always, we’d love to have your follow-up questions, comments and feedback, and if you have other ideas for the next interview, please post them here.


Great video! So refreshing to get this sort of in depth update from AC. Thank you so much. I’m certainly delighted with the initial Invest experience…! :+1:t2:


Really enjoyed the vid cheers :grinning: :+1: epically the bit on asset allocation!

Thanks again


Finally get the chance to watch the video, thanks for the thourough and digestible answers. The new space looks awesome as well.

P.S. for those of us outside of the UK, please continue to share more recordings and screenshots of the app so we can better feel how great it is developing (and then harrass the team for a global roll out)


Love this product, you can see my more detailed comments here :slight_smile:

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