#AskAC - episode 6 - Bonds are back, and more

As promised - admittedly a while ago - we are bringing back the video series where we get to Ask @AC your questions so you hear what is happening at Dozens directly from the founder.

I’m sorry it has taken a while to create episode 6 after the last one - but with summer holidays, AC’s travel schedule, two major events series and a great deal of development behind the scenes, the schedules just never seemed to work.

I’m conscious that it is hard to ask questions when you have no idea when they will be answered, so we’ve covered a lot of general ground in this episode, and we also get to introduce you to some of the wider Dozens team @JuB and @Milly - but also including Juno (who does not have a community profile).

Edit: I also should have pointed out that this is National Dog Week (in the UK) so it seems appropriate to have one of the office dogs (there are 4 who come to visit) join us for this episode.

We will re-start a more regular schedule so we have at least 1 episode a month (maybe more, depending on announcements), so please leave us your questions and I will get these put to AC directly.

I hope you enjoy this, and the enthusiastic participation (this time) of Juno

Note (update): Dozens’ Fixed Interest Bonds are allocated, issued and administered by Dozens Savings Plc. For more information on Dozens Savings Plc and the bond process, please take a look at Dozens Savings Plc’s 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bond terms which are available on our website and on the Dozens app.


Really enjoyed watching that guys! Cheers!


Glad you enjoyed it - always glad to get some feedback on these sessions :slight_smile:

As much as I enjoyed having Juno take part, it is a little hard to concentrate on people’s answers when you’re worried if your tripod is about to be toppled!

Don’t forget to send us your questions for the next AskAC. I’m hoping to record this next week, so if you have any burning questions on Fixed-Interest Bonds, the Invest shelf, or maybe the Future of FinTech, do let me know.


Where are the links to the monthly #askac broadcasts? The last one I was able to find was #7 back in October last year…I would hope some progress has occurred since then.

hi @Dreganwbay - you are totally right

the AskAC videos took a bit of a hiatus around the end of the year

However, we are planning a live session in the next week or two and have raised the idea here - we are looking for the topics that matter most to customers, so if you could add some comments we can get AC to answer them for you

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