#AskAC - episode 5 - Crowdfunding Closes

A short episode to discuss the end of the Seedrs crowdfunding round and answer some of the related questions we’ve been asked - particularly “when will I get my shareholder card?”.

We spoke to Eleanor Hasler, VP Product Strategy & External Relations, about the crowdfunding, and also about Innovate Finance 2019.

@AC also discusses some of the development activity that has been happening behind the scenes and the roadmap question raised by @Nick - more detail on this will be coming soon - just working on a way to display it.

As always, let us know your thoughts and any related questions, that we can answer here or address in the next episode (that will not take so long to be published next time)

Warning: apologies for the background noise at around the 9m mark … it was Friday!


Excited about this insight, especially the innovation around ‘account switching’ without going through CASS.

Three things I’m most excited about in H2:

  • my investor card :ok_hand:t2:
  • 5% bonds
  • invest going live

Keep up the great work and the updates


Thank you @joshylambo - makes my day to read an encouraging post every now and then! #needyAC :grinning:


When, if at all, can we expect to see another #AskAC? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve noticed the forum become more active again in the past week, and I really appreciate that, it’s great! I’d love to see these make a return though :grin:

Very soon in fact.

@AC has been travelling a lot in the last few months so it wasn’t easy to arrange, but we’re all back in the office now so we plan to kickstart the series again - they’re a lot of fun to make. Maybe we can introduce a few new faces as well


Can’t wait to discover who and what’s new at Dozens. I’ll be curious to hear from AC his views on Michael Burry’ sentiment regarding a potential bubble caused by indexed investing and ETF. How Dozens would adapt its offering if things turn sour? Thx