#AskAC - episode 4 - Meet the New Team

Here’s the latest episode of our series where we get to ask questions of Aritra Chakravarty (aka @AC) and also hear from others behind the scenes at Dozens.

We normally ask your questions and invite the most relevant member of the team to join us, but this time we invited some of the newest and oldest members of the team to join us so you could meet them and hear a little more of their stories.

We trust you’ll find the stories interesting, and learn a bit more about Dozens, too (and if you listen carefully there we also talk about ways that you might potentially join the team too, if interested).

Don’t forget to send us your questions and comments so we can answer them in the next recording.

Joining AC and me for this episode were:

  • Catherine Alani, VP Scaling
  • Sam Elamin, Head of Data Engineering
  • Irina Bulygina, Technical Product Manager
  • Igor Tomych, VP Technology

it would be a start … like a treasure hunt!


I can confirm after spending a couple of afternoons with the dozens team that you will never meet a more ambitious or passionate bunch of people with customer focussed growth in mind! So much exciting stuff in the pipeline - can’t wait to see how it all comes together!


Now that some of us are back from Easter holidays, I’m making plans to record the next episode, so if you have a question you want to raise with anyone from the team, let me know and I’ll do my best to get these answered later this week

Hi @robert, as a semi early adopter of Dozens, I’d love to see a potential, realistic roadmap of what will happen over the next 12 months.

It was all very much a whirlwind at the start of the year - Product launched, forum launched, trailblazers group was set up, first issuance of bonds was launched, crowdfunding happened…

It was like an explosion of Dozens :smiley:

But it’s all fell very flat since then, with no idea of what is happening next.

I personally think you did the right thing in slowing it all down so it could be done properly, but it would be great to get a feeling for what is happening next.

For me, Dozens will always have a hard time becoming my main spending card, as I do most of that on a credit card, and it’s some way from becoming my main “bank” (because you aren’t a bank yet :smiley:)

The bonds interest me greatly, and the investment aspect is also interesting.

But yeah, a bit of visibility on what’s to come (actively being worked on, rather than pipe dreams), would be good!


I would like to see if there are some tutorial videos or so?? (maybe they already exist on youtube channel)

It’s just that there are so many features, and each of them look very new, unfamiliar. I am only willing to try one at a time, and each try takes several weeks. (sorry, a little risk averse and conservative, but here I am with Dozens)

Basically, why not teach people to properly use each and every feature the way you really want us to?

( Business growth is important, but please not lose sight on the user experience - and more often than not, new product really need hand holding to guide us through, to make this an acceptable behaviour)

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I really like this idea and have been working on some ideas with the marketing team - watch this space!

The issue is really about the time to put these together and whether the feature is likely to be updated in the near future (making the video out of date).

So far we’ve been working on rolling out all our main features, and now we’re also making tweaks to the features based on user feedback. Once we have done these, I will definitely look to record a few “feature-specific” walk-throughs.

If we were to do a test one, what individual feature (not app whole app area) would you like to see first?

I have been reading a few post and discussion on this, and yes the continual development of the features only make me a bit more confused.
I would love to know how to get the most out of my Track. How does it help me get a few more ‘nominations’, how is Track ‘teaching’ me better financial education, and better financial behaviour?

Also Grow:
A little wary of IFTTT, how do I know what rules really suit me? (behaviour and amount)
I think the tutorial here is first, how to use IFTTT in the Dozens app. Second, how to tailor IFTTT based on my personal life? How can I think and ideate out of my daily life , where do I monitor these behaviours, how do I get Dozens to track these data so that it really reward me based on my good behaviour leading to good financial outcomes?

I believe these two are the core of Dozens value, before we move on further to Bonds and Invest.
Sorry not really answering your question. I think the tutorial is split into do you just show people how to use the app, or do you go one step further, teach people monitor their financial action, behaviour and outcomes. And I opt for the latter one.

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