#AskAC - Episode 3 - We talk crowdfunding, borrowing and some cynicism about bonds

This was an early-morning session where I caught up with AC while everyone else was in meetings (but I happened to wear my new shirt!)

We’ve covered many of your questions from the last topic (I hope), so do take a listen.

As well as answering your questions from this community, we also tried to give some feedback to questions raised on the Money Saving Expert forum. We’ve been unable to post directly to address some cynicism about our decision to create the trust bonds, but we hope we’ve answered some of these issues here.

If you have any further questions about anything to do with dozens, please share them with us in the comments below and we’ll try to feature them next time.


Crowdfunding live next week eh :eyes:

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It sounds like the level of interest has almost blown you out of the water! A good thing, if you can manage it.

Excluding transactions from track sounds great, but can’t see it in app. Is the feature live?

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Interesting stuff @AC :+1: - looking forward to taking part in the crowdfunding round soon!

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I’ve got to say, it’s very refreshing to hear the big chief of a new company talk about it in such a down to earth way. No marketing spiel, just honest truths.

When you get your banking licence and change the trust bond into a savings account - Will the same 5% for one year only apply? Or will that disappear with the trust bonds?

Anyway, great video once again - Look forward to the crowdfunding! :grin:


Don’t forget there’s a LIVE Q&A tomorrow at 6pm with AC on the crowdfunding


Next #AskAC question, can we get Rob an intern? I’m concerned that we will end up (and perhaps already are) overworking him :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, thanks for the mention :eyes: :blush:

Good one @Albatross! :slight_smile:
@robert has had to add three to his team in the last couple of weeks, so we are a third of the way to the famed ‘dozen ubiquitous Robs’ already! We actually just had a team session on our culture and avoiding burnouts on Fri, following distasteful news about the practices at one of the competitors, so thanks on behalf of team dozens for watching out for the good eggs! :pray:t3:


@robert if you don’t forewarn me about the shirt next time, will just have to up the ante and slap on an extra dollop of gel! :wink:


10M pledge, that’s insane, congrats guys, looking forward to a successful campaign!

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Your shirt game was definitely on form :wink::+1:


By the way, I’ve seen this asked before, but I don’t think I’ve seen a response to it (sorry if I missed one!). What was behind the decision to have the dev team in Ukraine?

Wouldn’t having the dev team in London (or at least in the UK) with the rest of the company provide better communication, and therefore potentially faster fixes for issues?

I’m not saying the folks in Ukraine aren’t performing well, they’re doing a cracking job. I just generally feel that reducing barriers to communication is usually the best course of action.

That old iron triangle of Time, Ease, Cost - no doubt London will be easier, but we work harder to hit Time and Cost with Ukraine.

Also, we love the team there too - maybe an assumption that we get more dedication to the cause and hard work from London devs.

In the future we will move to a more hybrid model with some key roles in London that can make the comms even more efficient. If you know techies who want to join us, send them onto hello@dozens.com!


Maybe I’ll think about it when I come to the end of my current contract later this year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (this wasn’t at all my original motivation for asking the question :eyes: :smiley:)

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By all means! :grinning:

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Also thought I should come back and clarify on this point. I wasn’t intending to make any claim to this affect, sorry if the way I posed the question came across that way! :blush:

I was simply suggesting that stronger communication (which having everyone in the same place can help with) can lead to solutions being found faster :slight_smile: But either way, very happy with the response, thanks.