#AskAC - episode 2, the one about the queue

A quickly recorded follow-up to our first video session where we speak directly to those who run dozens :dozens: so we can answer your most pressing questions.

For this session we speak to Aritra Chakravarty as well as to Eleanor Hasler, our Head of Product Strategy and External Relations. We caught them between several trips to fintech and startup conferences in different countries.

We’ve dealt with some comments that came from here in the community but also via email and twitter, and one of the points that has been made to me quite clearly by many of you related to our advertising that was adding to the growing queue for codes, so we kicked off with this.

If you want to ask your own questions, leave us your comments and questions below and we will try to deal with them in the next session.


Look like you’ve been burning the midnight oil Rob! :wink:

My question for next week is:

“What are AC’s and (whichever team member is joining him) thoughts on Crowdfunding and is it something Dozens would consider as part of its plan for future growth?”


How very psychic indeed :wink:

I will see if we can cover this in the next session.

Do let us know if you want to add your questions to the list … :crystal_ball: not required

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I reckon any questions I’ll have will get covered. Will be nice to hear AC’s thoughts

I also like to know thoughts on other financial products like credit cards, loans, overdrafts etc. Whilst they feel like they could be against the mantra of Dozens, are they something you’d consider.

They all could do with a shake up.


@Codf good question. It would be interesting to understand how Dozens are looking to grow and what the plans are to generate income in the future.

Re credit cards, something along the lines of the JaJa model would be good. This is an area which had needed a shake up for a long time.

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Regarding overdrafts, it could add an extra step to the beginning of the spender, saver, investor trajectory (to become borrower, spender, saver, investor).

It could help people who have a less than stellar relationship with money (e.g. living in overdraft) transferring to dozens. Perhaps they could be encouraged to stop using the overdraft over time by not receiving Saver’s Award nominations while they are within their overdraft.

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Seems a nice time to ask if there are any snippets or info AC can share of any other Project Imagine ideas and companies which may or may not come to market in the future.


Would dozens/Project Imagine consider building their own payment processor like another fintech (maybe other fintechs? :man_shrugging:) has done, to help with reducing potential outages? (Not sure if this is a good #AskAC question, but definitely one that’s interesting to me)

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