Apple Watch - no notifications

I don’t receive Apple Watch notifications from dozens when a transaction occurs. Notifications are switched on on both the phone and the watch.

Doesn’t show as being compatible on the App Store?

Something like Dark Sky for example shows this:

Strange. I assume you don’t have an Apple Watch Colin. Although the app may not reside or operate on the Apple Watch the watch will still mirror any notifications. This works on every app I’ve ever used with the exception of Dozens.

Yes, I do have an Apple Watch. We will have to wait and see what dozens say. Unless anyone else actually has it working?

Hi @Sefti - nice to chat again

Apple Watch notifications are a special case. Apple Watch has its own OS and so developers need to develop particular widgets to make sure that selected elements of the app work on the watch as well.

We have not yet developed this interface I’m afraid, so there are no Apple Watch notifications at this stage, but it is coming in an update before the summer linked to some other cool developments we’ve been working on that also will relate to the watch.

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Hi Robert

With the much improved track function I thought I’d try the account again for a month and see how things are progressing.

Some very helpful updates on the tracking side of things.

Also good news on the Apple Watch update. I’m sure it’s not even vaguely at the top of priority’s but it’s surprisingly useful and I miss not having it when I spend. It’s also a great immediate notice tool of anyone were to fraudulently use my card.

Hope all is well with the team

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that is music to our ears :slight_smile:

… or should that be :ear: ?

There are more changes on the way (particularly relating to different income periods).

We agree that the Apple Watch notifications would be useful. I believe it already works for Android watches because of the way they link to the OS, but Apple does things differently! We’re already developing both iOS and Android side-by-side so this is an extra platform in a way, but since there are a few things we’d like to do, it will be a higher priority than it has been.

I get Dozens notifications on my Withings Steel HR via iOS - their Healthmate app simply relays standard iPhone notifications. Simple and straightforward.

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