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Any update Google and Apple pay? It’s take more than a few months…

Although things will undoubtedly have moved on since @robert last updated us there is clearly more work to be done with the Visa/Clearbank project.

I am as frustrated as others that it is taking so long, but harrying them is unlikely to make the Dozens techies deviate from the steady approach that time and resources allow.

We’ll hear from them when they’re ready to tell us. In the meantime you, and I, will use another Apple Pay supported bank card. R-

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It has taken longer than we first planned, but just as @Rogerb has pointed out, it is not just about ApplePay at this stage, it is about a whole migration and new integrations, so we are not ready to make this live at this stage. Sorry about that.

As we will be re-issuing all cards, with new account and card numbers, it would not make sense to have customers link these up to payment services only to immediately have to change them.

We will update you on the roadmap and timing as soon as we can but we will not make these changes over the Christmas period, so I expect news will be in the New Year.

Can’t wait, I’m sure you guys will have a smooth integration!

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Any update? Timeline? Or details of steps left to complete?

Nothing concrete yet I’m afraid. Sorry!

As we’ve explained before, the issue is not with the Apple Pay integration itself, but the fact that we will not be able to apply for this until we have made some other changes first. These are those that involve changing our orchestration layer to bring in our new partners, as well as securing our new BIN.

Since this will involve having to change every customer’s card you will definitely know when this has been completed. However, there is a lot of development, integration, upgrading and testing to be done before we do that, so it will still be some time.

I do hope to be able to share a more specific roadmap once the dates are more fixed, but we are not there yet.


At the moment I use curve card for Apple Pay purchases I just select on the curve app which bank card to charge the purchase to at the time that’s the fastest way to ensure most of my cards are on Apple Pay when the card itself isn’t supporting Apple Pay yet

Any update on this? I basically don’t use my Dozens account as it isn’t integrated with Google Pay.

Any news? I rarely use my card to be honest, I probably would if I could use Apple Pay.

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No news yet @jon @misterbreen - this is a very high priority for us once other development steps have been completed and we will definitely let everyone know when we have a clearer view of the date it might be available.

Is there more of an urgency to get this in place cause we have wirecard issue blocking card use

So… We are another three months on.
Any material update on this?

I’m currently using Revolut for my day-to-day spending as it offers Android Pay. My Dozens account is sitting dormant (as it has been for probably 12 months now).


Not yet.

None of this work can be completed until we have made the move to Visa cards and our new systems, so these take priority. You will see lots of news about the new cards in the next few months (these are being designed and tested as we speak) and then we will be able to finally complete the work to make this available.

However, Dozens is not just about payments. Have you explored the Bonds in Grow or our Invest features? These are for building up your wealth in the longer term, not just spending cash today. Since you already have an account, you could use these separate from any issues with the card switch-over.

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You could pick up a Curve Card… :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately it does confuse the dozens spending locations and category ident logic somewhat as everything is re-charged as a curve transaction in London, leading to some interesting labelling :joy:

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I’m so happy to say that this is live, so linking to that post and closing the old thread - do feel free to share thoughts there :slight_smile:

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