Apple Pay

We all love Apple Pay. Hoping it will come, at some point.


Both Google and Apple pay are planned to be added within a few months I believe

Great news, couldn’t find anything but guess it could be all NDAs and what not :joy:

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Here’s the quote from Rob when replying to one of the early questions in the trailblazers group :slight_smile:

at launch neither of the Apple or Google Pay options (for contactless payments) will be available. This is something we will be rolling out in the near future (a few months).


I :heart: you guys!

I feel like you know what’s going on better than I do :slight_smile:

Yes, we are working on ensuring that our cards can be added to ApplePay, GooglePay, Tesco et al but these require several months of applications and testing and since we’ve only just officially launched there’s a gap of time where the earliest users will not be able to use these.

We are definitely working on this, along with other similar upgrades, that will come online over the next few months.


Looking forward to receiving my card and giving everything a go!!

Oh hai guise

Where is Apple Pay, is Apple Pay here yet?


Have just received my card and looking forward to trying it out

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Where is this now please? R-

So, I can give you a bit more information on this but I will admit in advance that I do not have a specific date for you (yet).

As we have said before, integrating Google and/or Apple Pay (plus Fitbit/Samsung etc.) is as much about the negotiation and legal agreements than technical requirements (though the marketing aspects of those negotiations often have technical or UX implications as well).

Those negotiations, discussions and developments started a while ago, and are progressing well.

You can already top-up your account from Apple Pay (though we’ve come across a bug that is affecting some users, which we are working on) and … (bit of a community special, advance news) you will also be able to top-up with Google Pay very soon

Topping up is one thing, but payments - particularly contactless - are a different matter.

To be able to put this in place for the long term, we do need to make one fairly major change to our set-up. As we have mentioned in a separate topic, we currently have a shared BIN and that can cause complications in identifying specific users, such as the one affecting TfL travel.

We definitely plan to move to a unique BIN in the near future that gives us more flexibility and control, and it will also make completing the implementation of ApplePay (etc) easier.

We do hope to make all of this happen before the end of the year, which means that we will have been able to introduce this within a year of launch which is pretty fast all things considered.


Thank you Robert. As you say “pretty fast”. I am not unhappy with any of that, this has only come about because my old iPhone died and I got a new 8 - which has Apple Pay capability. I just wanted to use it and cut down on all the gubbins I carry around with me. I have other cards that are supported so for now will use them via the phone. Carry on with the good work and keep taking the tablets. R-

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Does this mean existing cards will need to be replaced?

I tried to add Dozens card to wallet and Apple Pay was emphatic that it was not compatible … iPone 8Plus on 12.3.2 Being able to use this utility is an important matter for me. I want to ditch PayPal to which my Fin tech bank is currently linked but I also want a backup option on smartphone only banking. I recently had to cancel my bank card after a phishing scam masquerading as PayPal. I was able to transfer funds to cover the week end to Nationwide (old backup) only to discover as I used touch ID for so long, I didn’t know my pin. Lucky for me the branch is local and the manager was hepful in securing cash and reissuance of pin - my linked email account is not working either (ever felt paranoid?). I am also not happy about Apple, Starling and others (O2) using SMS as a means of transacting 2FA is is lazy and simply not secure, even Google allows authenticator apps.

Dozens don’t support apple pay as yet.

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So, have Dozens implemented the unique BIN yet? Or any update on Google/Apple pay?

I use my phone to pay for things, so I’d be using my Dozens account alot more if I had Google Pay.


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Agree with you wholeheartedly @misterbreen - Robert says [about 6 posts up from here] it is on it’s way. I have just got a phone that supports Apple Pay and have fallen in love with the convenience of it. As you say, I would use my Dozens account as my usual UK spending card if Apple Pay were available. The reporting / tracking on Dozens is way ahead of FD [well, actually they don’t have any at all]. R-

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I would like to see Dozens implement micro payment cards like Barclays bPay/PingIt devices so I don’t have to get my card out if my phone is dead :thinking:

Hey @robert, is Apple Pay still on the roadmap? Seems to have been a long time promised. As a lot of people in this thread, it would be my go to card (over Monzo and Amex) if you just added it.


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Thanks Mike - we really look forward to making this happen for you. It is DEFINITELY still on the roadmap.

We made some substantial changes to our plans for the way we work when we negotiated the change to Visa and brought in new partners, including ClearBank and others. This means we need to work through all these changes before we can then implement ApplePay, GooglePay etc. as these require the other elements (such as our new BIN) to be sorted before we can build, test and deploy this feature.

We are working on this, as well as new features and the availability of our Open Banking API all at the same time, so while we may not be announcing a lot of specific details, there is a huge amount happening, bringing us closer to that moment.

I appreciate that it is a bit more of a delay than we had hoped, but you will get SO many more useful features once all this work is all done, and it will be a more complete service - not just ApplePay but Direct Debits, Standing Orders and more.