App Version. 1.8.7

I’ve just updated to the latest version available on Google Play.

The What’s New notes state there have been changes to the T&C’s.

Do these only apply to new customers?

As an existing customer, I haven’t been asked to agree to any changes this time…

Well spotted! Google, unhelpfully, did not approve our updated version of the app until too late last week (in fact I didn’t expect it until tomorrow at the earliest), so we’ve not sent out the customer email about these changes to explain. It will be in your inbox tomorrow I trust

I believe that existing customers have 60 days notice, but new terms apply immediately to new customers.

There are no major changes, just minor tweaks really, and these will all be explained in the email.

We have also updated our Privacy Policy, and this takes effect immediately.

Sorry for the confusion, but thanks for keeping the app up to date with all the latest improvements in features and security.


Just to let you know that I received the email on the 16th. Gmail had automatically filtered it to its spam folder for some reason which i only check infrequently and I guess most Gmail users never look at.

Ah, sorry to hear that and thanks for letting us know.

I know many others received it OK, so maybe something more specific to your mailbox?

It’s possible that its specific to my inbox though I don’t have any special rules or filters set up, so I thought I would mention it.

I have obviously marked it as not spam so hopefully it won’t reoccur.

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