App updates

Us Dozens customers would like to know what the app uodates are for pleaae start telling us when we have to update the app in the app store

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Hi Gavin

Thanks for your comment. We are very aware of this issue and we have promised that we would start to do that as soon as we could - and that time will hopefully be very soon.

At the moment, every update is important as we are creating the core of the app and there will always be issues that improve the quality of the service, the clarity of the information, the security and the general interaction in the app.

As I have said before:

I think that we should actually be able to provide more information on the updates in the near future and so the app store content will be more descriptive for you

As a matter of interest, so we can see how we best organise our content, what information are you looking for? What is it that you expect to see in these updates (we got the message about no jokes) and how do you see yourself using this information?

Sometimes too much information can be as bad as too little, so getting this right is a tricky issue.

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Thank you for your reply

Aww :cry:

I’d personally like something along the lines of:

New Feature A
New Feature B

Headlines of any large/widespread bugs that were fixed

General bug fixes to:

  • feature X
  • feature Y
  • feature Z

Any special comments you folks think are important

Maybe not the general bug fixes bit, that might end up carrying too large of an overhead for putting these together. But this would just give an idea of the areas to look at for interesting new stuff or areas that have been improved.