App freezes upon opening


Every now and then when I open the app it freezes and I have to close the app down, reopen and wait a little bit for it to restart the app.

I’ve added a screenshot of what the app looks like when it’s frozen.

I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 15.4.1.


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Hi @anon61865945 I can see you’re new to the Community - welcome!

Sorry to hear about this. We released a new update last week, so it may may that you don’t have the latest version of the app - can you delete and reinstall the app to see if this helps?


Thanks, I did have the latest update but deleting and reinstalling helped and that problem seems gone now

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Actually spoke too soon, it started doing the same thing or it appears to load the app but all the predictions say £0 and the app is completely unresponsive.

I’ve not long had this phone, and I’m very particular with what I install, so it shouldn’t be a problem with the phone

Hi @anon61865945 Ah, sorry to hear this. We’ll need to look in to your specific account so that Tech can check this. Please could you join us on Live chat within the app?

I’ve made the service team aware that you’ll be getting in touch. I’ll keep an eye on it too.

If anyone else has a similar issue, please do let me know!

Sounds very similar to my issue… App Crashes

it’s still happening now and again… But I’m on Android…

@OwerdnA @anon61865945 I’ve raised this again with our product team, I’ll let you know if they need any more information which I can ask on here. If you have time, please do contact our customer services (they’ll be aware that i’ve asked you to do this) so we can look at each of your individual accounts and do save any screenshots you may have! Thank you.

Just so you know I contacted Customer Service and sent them various screenshots and a big wall of text explaining what was happening :grin:.

I hope that helps find the cause of the issue

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That’s so helpful, thank you @anon61865945