App Crashes

Hi There,

I wondered anyone else having frequent app Crashes? I’ve deleted and reinstalled, but they still persist. The spend screen seems to run slow, track seems ok, and grow is slow, but invest is often unusable, the main graph doesn’t load and scrolling or opening an investment usually triggers either a quit, a Google “this app has stopped responding” and sometimes an alt-tab (for want of a better word) where the app just loses focus and I’m dropped to the home screen, but can switch back to the app through the switcher.

Pixel 5, build SQ1A.220105.002, app version 1.2.0

@OwerdnA hmmm, that doesn’t sound right. Thanks for raising, i’ll see what I can find out and get back to you today.

If anyone else is experiencing this on android do let me know :+1:

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@OwerdnA It looks like this problem might specific to your app. Can I please ask if you can join us on live chat in app? I’ve spoken to the service team and they’ll be expecting you. It would be really useful to get some more information and screenshots if you have them? Once we’ve got this we’ll be able to ask our tech team to take a closer look. Sorry for the issues and i’ll keep an eye on this for you

Sure will do that as soon as I’m properly free. It’s been more intermittent today than usual but up to now it’s been constant, typical!

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Ok did someone push the magic fix it button? Its been literally unusable the last week or so… Now I can’t break it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Typical! this is good news @OwerdnA :smiley:

Do let us know if you have any further problems over the next couple of days though.

I’ll try and find out where they keep that button :thinking:

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