App Closing on Launch (Android)

Has anyone else experienced an issue where the app is closing pretty much immediately after launching?

It will show me the balance and then close after 1 or 2 seconds.

It has only happened since the last update and happens two out of every three times the app launches.

Sorry to hear this. We’ve not had other reports, but maybe others here might chip in?

Drop me a Pm with your device details and I’ll pass it on, or please contact who will be able to look at your account details.

Thanks for your help @robert.

I have dropped the help@dozens team an email with the device details.

Yes also experiencing same issues on iOS.

As soon as touch ID is authorised the app is shutting down. Also happens when i try to enter my password manually and the App Pin.

Have you also emailed the helpdesk? We can then use this to create a ticket to send to the technical team so they can look at your specific account

There is no general issue of this, so there could be something about your account, or your particular devices, affecting this experience (p.s. sorry!)

I’ll look out for the email and pass it on ASAP

I am unable to do anything in the app other than enter passcode and touch id authorisation.