App broken?

I just received my new Mango visa card this morning and activated it in the app - now the spend page is just showing as a spinning icon with nothing loading… have raised in app but wanted to raise here in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

Version 1.11.5 (build 663)
Android 9

I have just activated my Visa card and the app is working fine. I’m on Android 10 with the same app version as you.

@Pinuk thanks for confirming - i’ve killed the app and restarted it several times and checked for any updates on play store but still having the spinner and nothing else on the spend screen… will see what support say when they respond…

thanks for letting us know - and sorry about this

had you used and set up the virtual card before activating the physical card?

oh, and @afreeb can you just confirm what version of Android you are running for me?

@robert i hadnt used the virtual card no - i had seen it in the app since the latest update but not used it

as for android version its android 9 that im on (Kernel version: 3.18.120-perf+ #1)

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OK, thanks for this. I will pass it on to our Android developers to see what the reason might be

Hello Robert just activated my mango card same screen spinner here im on android10 had a look at account detail no account or sort code showing maybe the answer to wait till after the update on monday

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I’ll pass that on - would you mind sharing the details of your device and what operating system you are using?

Are you definitely on the latest version of the Dozens app?

Hi Robert
I’m using galaxy s20 phone, android10
Kernel version 4.19.87-1981288
Using latest version of app spinner appeared after updating app to mago plastic card from virtual card thanks rob

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FYI - I have been advised that due to small numbers of users being affected this issue will not be investigated further until the transition to clearbank has been completed.

In the mean time any balance transfers ec can be done via the online chat/calling the helpdesk

It is being investigated and we are keeping an eye out for it, but I’m afraid that it will not be the highest priority because it does seem to affect only a small number of users, and there’s currently no obvious pattern.

Unfortunately the investigation in detail takes up a lot of developer time and we need to get the main migration completed with limited resources.

I did see my own app do this for a short while, but it was just loading after a re-installation. I assume you’ve left it to load for a while to make sure it was not a connection issue?

Sorry about this!

Just out of interest, have you tried on another device? It might be useful to know if it’s something with the account rather than the device

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Reinstalled app everything OK now no more spinning

This worked for me also - thanks for the idea @Mel1 - issue resolved

Glad to be of help afreeb

oooh! intriguing! had you tried this before @afreeb @Mel1 or was this the first ‘reinstall’?

I wonder whether there is a version difference? I am not aware of one, but maybe they’ve fixed something else

Thanks for letting me know

First reinstall for me robert all cards showing sort code and account number too

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Hadn’t thought to re-install but all working as expected and showing everything as expected - the version and build number in app are exactly the same as before so definitely not a new build or version

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