Android App crashing at login after latest update

After the latest app update on android the app will no longer open… I go to open the app - it takes me to the sign up or log in screen - i have to enter my phone number - i get a verification code issued - I can then enter my passcode - it asks if i want to use biometrics for login - I accept - the app briefly flashes open as though im in but then it crashes

One Plus 9 Pro
Android 11


Completely uninstalling and re-installing the app has resolved the issue but still worth raising to your support team…

Thanks Andy

I’ve passed this on to the team. I’ll get them to look into it and might come back if there are any questions.

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I had the same issue as @afreeb

Deleting the app and reinstalling it here fixed it as well.

Oddly, when it first updated the app, my Dozens shortcut on my home screen also disappeared…

As in another thread, it would also be good to have an in-app notification that Flux integration is now an option - not everyone reads the forum or the app store updates text.


we are looking into any upgrade issues, I’ll get back to you on this if there is anything

did the icon disappear before you uninstalled, or was that just an effect of un/re-install?

regarding Flux, we are only just releasing it to production. We need to test in the live app so think of this as soft-launch rather than launch, so we are not pushing everyone yet.

I will discuss Flux separately :slight_smile:

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It disappeared before the uninstall, not as a result of it.

+1 on reinstall required after update due to crashing during login.

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Good Spot wrt Flux :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for letting us know everyone.

I’ve had a couple of others let me know here via direct message and via customer service.

It definitely appears to be an Android specific issue, and looks like it is not a problem for ‘vanilla’ Android (i.e. those who have Pixels etc.) but could be more about the ‘flavours’ operated by Samsung, Huawei, etc.

We are definitely working on it and will get it fixed, and we appreciate your help and patience.

If anyone else is reading this and affected, you can either wait to upgrade, or if you have already upgraded and the app is failing, the current best solution is to simply uninstall the version you have, and install it again from the Play store. It should work as normal after this. We know it isn’t ideal, and we apologise for this

The map on the geolocation appears to be broken also it doesn’t display anything just a small Google logo in the corner


Good spot, same here.

Good news! The issue has been identified and fixed, and we are rolling out the fix to the app store now.

It may take a short while for this to reach everyone’s app store, but it is on its way.

(edit: the fix is taking a while to get out but we’re working on it)

As I mentioned, this only affects Android and also only certain models / makes so many were unaffected. If you are in urgent need of access, simply uninstall the app and install it again and the app will work and no data will be lost.

The display of transactions in Google Maps issue is separate and I will update you when I have more information. This too only affects Android versions but is unrelated to the crash.


This is happening for me right now, I have a Pixel 3.

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The fix is being deployed so hopefully not long until it reaches you.

When did you download this version?

You can always uninstall and reinstall and it will work

Hi, the Notifications seem to have stopped altogether i don’t get any whatsoever now, another thing I noticed is that the time stamp on the transactions is always an hour behind aswell. I hope I am okay to report these here :grinning:

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It is a different issue, but feel free to post here and if we get more feedback we can always split it off to a separate topic.

Android notifications can be an issue and I will get an update for you on this, but the timestamp issue is unusual.

For the notifications, are you using the physical or virtual cards, or GooglePay?

For the timestamp, could you send a screenshot with some background to customer service (to keep your account details private) so they can raise a tech ticket to look into it?

I know in the past when I have used Google pay the notifications don’t work, they are very temperamental but at the moment they are not working whatever method I use, even the IFTTT ones were not coming up when normally they would.

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