Android 1.2.9

Just got the latest update and liking the new categories. However, I can’t change the category of any transaction - seems to be a bug!


I seem to be able to change the category once, but can’t change it again after that… which is annoying since I change a few to an incorrect category to test this :joy:

EDIT: I can’t change the category on transfers into my dozens account at all. However, I did manage to change the transaction for funds from an active card check being returned to groceries and now can’t change it back :grimacing:


On a more positive note though, I do like the new categories, my transaction list is a lot more pleasant to look at now :+1:

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that is strange. I am on the same and have tested it and it works fine. Are you able to record this on your screen and send it to for me to look into?

Might be worth closing the app and logging in again first, just in case.

I’ve tried clearing all data and signing in again - no change.

1 Open transaction (currently Banking category)
2 Tap to change category
3 Select new category (in my case, Transfer)
4 App goes back to transaction screen, but category is still Banking. You can just see it skip back to Banking on the change category screen before it switches back…

Im having similar issues - when i try to change the category it lets me select one of the ‘old’ categories - but if i try to select one of the new ones it shuts down the category selection modal but doesnt reflect the category selected…

Also whatever I choose now it seems to revert back to ‘General’ as the category when i go back to the list of transactions.

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Same behaviour if you tap the category image from the transaction list without opening the transaction

Ha! Yes, the old categories are working for me too

Ah, you’re right. Old categories work fine, new ones don’t.

If you select “dozens” at the bottom of the category list, it seems to set the transaction to “General”

Screen capture sent!

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