Amex Integration

I am one of the few that pay for everything with my Amex card because of the cashback I get.

My main problem with all fintech companies (I am with Monzo) is that they don’t integrate Amex so all the budgeting features go through the window.

Would dozens consider some sort of integration with Amex through Open Banking?

PS: Sometimes it makes me wonder what would happen if there was a current account (eg Monzo, Starling, Dozens) combined with a money management app like Emma. I think that would be brilliant.


Monzo are actually doing this right now. It’s close to release as far as I understand.

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Yes, I know. Finally if you ask me! :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to see if they will just show the card balance or incorporate all Amex transactions.

Same, and it is really annoying that that, all these years after Amex got sidelined by its competitors that they still have to deal with the backlash from that campaign.

I understand companies wants you to use your card so they get their fee and data that they can use accordingly but they don’t seem to understand some of their customers and what we are after.

I can’t remember the last time I used my Monzo card to be honest.

Thanks for a massively quick feature release Monzo, 7 months and a whole lot of no AmEx support.