Additional Items on my transaction List

Hi Guys - upgraded to V1.3 this morning and am now seeing some ‘unusual’ behaviour on my transaction list… Im currently in Belgium (card is working great without issues by the way!) so im not sure if its related to exchange rates etc…

What you can see from the screenshot below is that on the 18th March (Monday) I had two transactions (Hudson & Brasserie Bridge) - but I also have two transactions from the same places on 19th March (Tuesday) despite me not making any further transactions… when I click into either of these ‘additional’ transactions I get the view seen in the 2nd screenshot showing the original transaction amount (ie: €35 - which would be a lot more than the £0.16 its showing the GBP value also shown!)

Any ideas? - is this just something like a conversion rate charge that is being added after the initial transactions? - if so is it expected that these would show up as separate transactions?


I have the same (I’m currently in Austria) I assumed it was the exchange rate settling

thanks for this - I’ll get this looked into but I think I know what this is

when you made the transaction there was an exchange rate at the time of presentment which was the first amount.

in fact most transactions are only ‘settled’ 12-24 hours later. In the case of FX this means that there can actually be some differences in the exchange rate between the two times. In this case, the second transaction shows only the difference between the two amounts. Normally this would not show since the final amount is exactly the same as the authorisation.

We are working on some display ideas to make this more transparent and also easier to track, but at least this explains the second ‘transaction’

I’ll check this in any case


You mean my slow cooked beef in bone marrow gravy with herb infused mash potato followed by Belgian waffle dessert (it is Belgium after all!) and my Belgian beer (when in Rome… or Belgium in this case) - is costing me an extra 16 pence… outrageous!! :wink:

I did think this may be the case but wanted to check and also highlight that I agree there must be a better way of presenting this than as a separate transaction entry (or at the very least this should be excluded from all spending analytics so as not to skew the figures…)

Cheers @robert for the prompt response!


it could easily have gone the other way! :slight_smile:

That would be a very pleasant surprise! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


That sounds like a distant dream having been on keto for over a year now :frowning:

I dont have that kind of willpower! - im not sure it will help but it was goooooooooooood lol

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Perhaps you could do what N26 do? They have a little display saying that the exchange rate could change by the time its settled and as such the price could change once settled. They do so in much less words though!