Adding funds to your new Virtual Dozens Visa debit card

Today you will have found that you have a brand new card in your Dozens app. This is your new Virtual card and it is ready to go - no need to wait for the card to arrive in the post!

For more on the Virtual cards, read this post: A new Dozens Virtual Visa card for everyone

The main thing you need to do to get going on with this card, is to add some funds to it.

The balance of your current account is still in your original account, but this is still linked to your old Mastercard debit card. As this card no longer works, you can either send or receive money as bank transfers, or you can put money on your virtual Visa card to spend it.

Although the card is a fully-functional debit card, until we transfer you to your new current account, it might be helpful to think of it like a spending card or pre-paid card. If you’ve already had a Shareholder card, then you will already be used to managing a Secondary card - this is exactly the same.

To add funds, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your account and go to the Spend tab, to select your existing Dozens Mango card. It will show as frozen but that is only the card, you can still use your account. Select the ‘Payments’ button

  2. On this screen choose ‘Transfers between cards’

  3. Enter an amount to transfer, and click ‘Continue’

  4. You will see the balance on your account at the top, and you then select your new ‘Visa card’ to receive the funds. It will get a tick, then click ‘Continue’ (and verify your identity to confirm)

  5. You’ll get a confirmation of the transfer

  6. Go to your new Visa card and you will see the updated balance. You may need to wait a short time for the balance to update, or you can log out and in again to make it update faster.

You can now go ahead and use this card for your purchases

See the screens for the process above (click to expand):