Adding Dozens to Money Dashboard

I note that MDB has not as yet added Dozens to their list of supported institutions. It was a good while ago I asked them about it and I got a “we’ll pass your request to our developers” response, which is fair enough. I wonder though if the fact that Dozens is not a bank (yet) is preventing the adoption? R-

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@Rogerb I am with you on that, I am a fan of Moneydashboard myself, and would love my Dozens account to appear there too!
We don’t have to be a bank to be connected to money management apps, but we have to offer an API which we currently don’t. I am finding out for you where this is on our roadmap!


Thanks @katja - I knew you’d be on it. R-

I have recently started using Money Dashboard again, so this is definitely something I would like to see.

Bump. Any update on this? I am a new fan of MDB :moneybag:

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thanks @CheaperByTheDozens we are progressing this idea

In the specific instance of MDB, it is more up to them to decide that they want to spend the time doing the integration as the building blocks for this are in place on our side, but it is something that needs to happen on their servers.

In broader terms, Dozens (like all financial institutions in the UK) is working on Open Banking compatibilities and that means that we will be making our developer portal available for those wanting to integrate with us, and vice-versa we can look to getting external data into the Dozens app too should it be helpful.

This is not specific to Dozens, but across the board, and we are all working towards a deadline in September, so I would guess no-one is likely to do new integrations until that is resolved and tested as it will be easier to manage then.

hope that helps

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@robert will this API be available to users so we can access our own data directly? I’ve got my Monzo balances/transactions for the month in a google docs sheet that updates itself. It would be nice if I could do the same with Dozens :+1:

At this stage I don’t know - we have not made any announcements about how this will work.

I will pass this on to the team

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Here is the supported banks and request a provider link. If as many dozens forum users can request dozens (like below), we can get them on the backlog radar:


Requested :+1: