Adding, changing and remembering categories

This seems to be a recurring request from a lot of people on almost every platform that uses categories.

Can we please have the ability to make/use personal custom categories

As an example, I want to budget a set amount for money I spend abroad whilst working each month. For example I know I will spend £500 every month and want to budget it for it. At the moment I can’t. It isn’t with a specific retailer nor does it fit in any pre defined category so although I want to budget for this expense I currently can’t.


Yes, we definitely need custom categories please! (Or at least a category for coffee! :slight_smile:)

Does anyone actually have custom categories?
Emma, maybe?

The problem with categories they are always too limited, that’s why Custom Categories are great.

For example food and drink, 99% of my pub spend in Drink not food, so actually having it under Food and Drink is no relevance to me.

I do a lot of my grocery shopping with Prime Now, that is classed as Amazon so never gets in the right Category for me,

Plenty of other examples of why we need many more categories or the ability to create custom ones.

My categories are largely meaningless - far too much just ends up in “Groceries”.

Now I’ve used the card a bit, it will be hard to unpick as well, unless there’s a way to recategorise en masse.

Maybe it’s just me, but the icons are no good - I end up going into the transaction to see what the category is.

In a similar vein, I’d love the filter to include “Card transactions” and “Bank transfers” as options.

I’m drowning in ifttt rules, roundups, topups, etc. and can’t really see a good way to view a list of my card spend with the current filters.

Again, it’s something that seems to come up with every new fintech…

Why does no one ever think filtering by transaction type is useful?

I was thinking the shareholder card could solve my problem, but it seems it won’t allow you to put all real card spend on one card and track that card - all savings, rules etc will also go on the same card.

Thanks for the feedback @Gaoler

Some of this is already in development, but it always helps to hear what users think about the features of the app in case we might improve things or might change more.

We are working on improving the exported data to include more data, but will see that it includes more useful category information.

There is a “Merchant Memory” change coming, so that if you edit the category associated with a particular merchant then your personal usage will override a more generic categorisation - so for example, if like me you only visit a particular supermarket to buy your breakfast each day, then instead of “Groceries”, that spend will be remembered as “Breakfast” instead (and therefore go to a specific monthly budget spend and not my weekly spend).

The idea of transaction type is useful, thanks. We will see if this could be made more usable to separate card spending from money movements, but some of this will be helped when we implement some planned changes to what transactions get listed in the app.

Thanks for the feedback

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Thanks for the update!

There’s a lot of potential, so looking forward to seeing some of these improvements