AC live on 11:FS show this morning

This is happening Now but I assume the recording will be available after the event too.

I gather the topics will be varied but include a look at our story, what’s happening in Fintech, including Baas with PI1, and the gender gap

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Should be here when it’s ready


Thanks so much @ColinR

were you able to listen live? What did you make of it?

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Sorry, no. But I do download them and listen to their podcasts.

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Catching up on this one:

Is there a recording anywhere? It’s the breakfast show so not in the usual place that Colin shared.

Sorry for the delay (I’ve been away with the family to stretch our lockdown legs)

You can hear / watch out here:


Thanks, Robert. Although I wouldn’t say three hours on a Saturday morning is a delay by any definition!

So I’ve had a listen.

The thing that felt the most significant to me was refocusing Dozens on wealth management and those that can afford to save. Interesting stuff on black cards to attract a more sophisticated market, along with a new website and repositioning of the brand.

Also, some mature and nuanced thoughts from @AC on gender balance (and diversity in general). And I like the four questions that he asks to recruit. I was immediately attracted to them both as someone who recruits as well as a potential candidate.