Abroad charges

Hi guys and girls I’m not sure if this has been asked before but I haven’t seen any reference to it yet

Are there charges for using the card abroad? Zero charges for card use abroad as well as using the MasterCard or Visa exchange rate with no commission is a big draw for some people. I personally set up a Monzo account and a clarity halifax credit card for precisely this reason.

I’d love to hear about any charges or lack of charges for the dozens card use abroad.

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There are no fees on ATM withdrawals (from Dozens, check the ATM for local fees), or spending on your card abroad :grinning:


That’s great news Nick. I appreciate the rapid response.

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I checked to see if this info is in the FAQs, which it is

… but then noticed dozens is using the same FAQ platform as Curve, which is just horrible to search and navigate :frowning: