A thank you gift for the holidays

  • 10 months since we moved into an empty office,
  • 7 months since we decided to build all the tech and infrastructure ourselves,
  • 6 months since we applied for both eMoney and MiFID licenses so we could offer a whole range of financial products,
  • 5 months since we completed the card design,
  • 3 months since app designs were finalised,
  • 1 month since approvals,
  • And then yesterday… this.

Christmas has come early for the dozens team as we’ve all received our dozens cards. :raised_hands:

We’re testing over the holidays and then will be opening up the app to those on the waitlist. If you come from our website waitlist you’ll receive £10 as a thank you for getting involved so early on. www.dozens.com


Cheers guys, just got mine :+1:

(Was a bit of a concern having an out of the blue transaction successful message though!)


I don’t know if I forgot about this, or never knew about this, but I don’t mind receiving random tenners :smile:



Agreed… saw the notification and immediately opened the app with the intention of freezing my card…

… but thanks dozens for the welcome bonus :moneybag::


Cheers to everyone!

We’d said we’d pay a ‘thank you’ to anyone who had been on the original waitlist who downloaded the app and created an account, and as there are now several hundred of you already here, we thought it was about time.

There was a discussion about creating a specific payment category for this, but we decided we’d rather just get you the reward. There is an email scheduled to go out to everyone … but I guess the money travels faster even than news :slight_smile:

Anyway, sorry about the potential confusion, but as it says, … “Thank you from dozens”


I must’ve forgot about this welcome gift. Was a nice surprise to wake up to this morning. Thank you guys.

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All received here now just need to get round to visiting a shop to use my card

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don’t forget that the FIRST transaction needs to be a chip and pin, then you can use contactless after that :slight_smile:

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Yep I will do!!! Are we able to change the card pin?

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Yes you can via ATMs (there should be an option called something like pin services which allows you to do it), I did yesterday.




Free money! I am back in from deployment and had £10 waiting…what an absolute result! I’ll try not to spend it all at once…wait…the wife just spent it :sunglasses:


Hi @robert,

I was on the waitlist, got an email to say I’ll be at the front of the queue but when I registered (just got through validation on Monday after some of the teething issues you have previously mentioned), Im actually over 4000 back in the queue.

Do you know how this can be altered?

Hi @robert, presumably my couple of beers (free £10) will magically appear now my account is active? Or do I have to apply for it ?

Not that I need it, but hey I’m always up for a free beer or two :rofl:

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There will be a new round of payments soon. Don’t know when exactly but will come

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Thank you Sir

Waitlisters will get priority access past the queue - don’t worry, mango goodness will be with you soon! :slight_smile:

Who isn’t :wink::wink:


Yesterday we made another round of £10 Thank You payments to some of the hundreds of customers who were on the waitlist back in 2018 and who have since created their accounts.

We reached many of you in February, but many others have joined since. We have waited for as many as possible to have joined and activated their cards in order to do this, so there was a bit of a wait.

We believe we’ve now reached all those who were on that waitlist and since created accounts, but there were a few who might have been missed if you used different email addresses, in which case do let us know by emailing us at help@dozens.com and we’ll sort this for you.

Don’t forget that if you were on that waitlist and want to get this reward, but have yet to sign up, you will need to have applied for your account by the end of May (31/5/2019)

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