A special thank you from Dozens to you

It has been quite a ride so far, and some of you have been on it with us from the very beginning – so we made this for you.

… and when I say “we made this”, I mean it literally – this was written and animated by our studio team, and we can even thank our operations team for the dulcet tones of the voiceover.

The WeAre.Dozens community was active before the Dozens app was even launched, and you’ve been there for each and every milestone since.

We’re now embarking on the second part of our journey. We’re saying farewell to some old partners and welcoming on some new ones, as well as moving to a purpose-built system of our own. This means we’ll be able to offer an even wider range of services and even more financial products, so we can keep making our dream of helping our customers achieve theirs, a reality.

We couldn’t have achieved any of this without you, and your support and patience, advice, feedback and recommendation. So, thank you!

You should also have received an email with the video and some further details of our next steps, because there’s still so much more to come.

We’re looking forward to having you with us every step of the way.


We hope you like the video and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Hi @robert

I didn’t receive any email and to be honest bit confused with this! Maybe email give bit more details ?

The emails are all on their way. It may take a little time to send them all out

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Here’s the email


This all sounds very exciting! Lovely video and good times ahead. Thanks for sharing. (Although part of me did wonder if it was a thank you and farewell to this forum thing initially).

On the email, structured deposits sound very interesting indeed - and fairly unique (I’ve not seen one of those on the market for a while).

(Having said all that, @robert, shouldn’t you be on holiday?!)

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Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I was thinking the same :wink: that was the reason for my reply to @robert

Exciting and looking forward to Crowdfunding now


Thank you for looking out for me. I am safely ensconced in the Cotswolds with a glass, or several, of wine, drinking to the health, wealth & happiness of the community :slight_smile:


Amazing. Let’s raise a virtual toast…!


Really nice touch, thanks for sharing :+1:

Virtual Card == Apple (/Google) Pay?

Not exactly.

Virtual card means ‘a card with all the necessary details in-app to make online payments without the need for a physical card at all’ …

Google Pay & Apple Pay are on top of either card as you create a ‘token’ for whatever card you have (physical or virtual) to use with their platforms

but, …

you will hopefully have noticed the images in the middle of the email?


In my defence, its late and it was a long email :slight_smile:

All good news though, thanks for the update.

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In early November

Our customers will be getting a new account number, sort code and a virtual card to use online, and we’ll be rolling out brand new Visa Debit cards.

If you already have a Dozens shareholder card – you’ll be getting our exclusive Dozens matt black card.

Will shareholders just get the black card? Last time we got both…

(One card is really sufficient though!)

One card to rule them all

(more news soon)

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Just seen it on the Twitter feed



congrats to all the Dozens team for the fantastic progress !
Good luck for the next steps, it’s just the beginning…!


Very exciting news from Dozens, looking forward to the next few months


Awesome to see how fast progress is at Dozens, as always it sounds like everyone is working on a lot!

I’m especially looking forward to getting more use out of the budgeting features with Direct Debits and standing orders!


Congratulations on getting all this done. Going to a massive increase in features and usability,looking forward to trying it out in November!