A new financial partner, built by customers

We are very proud of the fact that right from the very beginning, dozens has been built by real people to meet real needs, to help make saving for the future fair and uncomplicated.

For the last several months we have had 300 consumers … users from different backgrounds and from all around the UK, telling us what they most need from a financial partner and working with us to build and refine our app.

The first stage of this development will be complete with the launch of the app - happening imminently (have you signed up to the waitlist yet?).

We are so very grateful to everyone who helped shape dozens so far, and we are looking forward to building this community space to learn even more.

I know that several of that group have already joined us here. If you were part of that community, do drop in to this topic to say hello and tell us what you thought of the development process. We’d love to know what you make of the finished product (and which of your ideas have already been realised).

The development process was something I really enjoyed being a part of, for once seeing how the sausage is made didn’t detract from the finished product (or at least I hope, but from what I’ve seen on the site, it seems you DID include a lot of the community’s ideas and wants).

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I have just found out about dozens and i’m already excited! The idea of a financial product that focuses primarily on helping people SAVE money is a breath of fresh air. I look forward to you launching into the wonderful space that is fintech :slight_smile: I’ll be keeping an eye out for emails


thanks so much @tangoblue - it is always inspiring to know that our message is reaching people even now. Do share the news with your friends!

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Happy New Year (shortly!)

When do you anticipate we’ll be able to get started? Also I’m currently a beta and labs tester for Monzo - I’d be happy to do the same for Dozens if you’re looking for testers!?

Thanks @Codf

Testing has already started (with staff leading the way) and then we will start to roll out access to folks who signed up to the waitlist. I can’t give you an exact day at the moment, but it will begin very shortly, especially as the holidays are now more or less over and we can get stuck into 2019 with gusto

thanks for being so keen though - we really appreciate the enthusiasm


I spy the app in the store…

512 people Infront of me though…

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You are a very diligent app store spectator :wink:

Yes, you might now spot a familiar name in the app store. More news coming very soon, but don’t worry, access to the app will be determined, at least initially, by the waitlist, so if you are on there, you’ll be hearing from us soon

Getting ever closer …

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To be honest a diligent Monzo community member spotted it and alerted me to it.

Some are worrying (on the thread you posted) that it may be an elaborate, well-timed scam - could probably do with you showing your face again and allaying fears.

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Very kind of you to let me know. I have left a note.

I’m actually happy to hear that there is some healthy scepticism out there in the market as it does help stop any scams, so it was a good question. However, this is a very exciting and genuine proposition and as we start to be able to get folks on board and communicate all the particulars, I think there will be lots of exciting stuff to discuss and share.

Have a great weekend!

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Exciting times coming. Can’t wait to get started with this :+1::+1::+1:

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One of the things that frankly need explaining is about why the permissions on the app are so extensive. A nice post with why you need access to mikes and files would be useful to reassure folk


To be able to record and send a video and an image I would imagine.

It’s standard for Fintech companies that use a digital sign up.

Oh, sure, I know that, and most people who have dealt with fintechs do, BUT their angle was to try and get the population that is NOT in Shoreditch and the like to sign up, and it would be nice to see them reassured.

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Ah I see what you mean.

Joined waitlist :heavy_check_mark:
Downloaded app :heavy_check_mark:
Completed sign up :heavy_check_mark:
Waiting for invite code :clock12: