A new Dozens Virtual Visa card for everyone

All customers will have received an email today with the exciting news that the switchover to our Visa cards has started!

The switch will take place over a couple of steps to roll out new cards, then new accounts.

You can read lots more detail here in our new blog post:

The biggest change initially is that we will be first switching all customers to a Virtual card - this means that your new card will work as soon as you have the updated app and you don’t need to wait for the new card to arrive.

This card can be used for any online transactions, just like a regular debit card. Not everyone will even need a physical card, but we will make these available to those who want or need them.

These cards will be being created very soon after, but will have to wait until we have also created your new Dozens accounts with our new partner Clearbank - a partnership that will finally allow us to offer you Direct Debits and so much more on your Dozens account.

This means you will have a short period where you can try out your Virtual card by topping it up from your existing account.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask them here. I will do my best to answer them, but an intrepid bunch of fellow We Are Dozens community members are also helping us to test these cards so they too might be able to help.


I need the savings from my account on the 19th and as this is going to be during the card downtime I transferred the money to my main bank account. This normally takes seconds but has yet to appear. Given past troubles with the current system I’m now concerned that the transfer is in limbo. Are there any issues delaying direct bank transfers? How long is this going to take?

You bank details have not changed yet, and you can still send and receive money on the same account details even with the virtual card.

There can be a short delay in the app updating the balance when you move the funds. Can you try logging out of the app and back in again, and your balance and transaction list will be updated.

However, if this is sending money externally, then it can take a short time to complete, so don’t worry. As it is late now, do check it tomorrow - and if in doubt, contact customer service with the in-app chat - but don’t worry as this change has not affected the account side at all.


I sent the money, it has gone from my Dozens account. It has not appeared in my Nationwide account.

OK, I’ll wait until tomorrow.


Will everyone switch over at the same time ?

The existing cards will stop working (this is out of our control and is related to the closure of Wirecard) on the 12th of November.

Our new app will be available around the same time and everyone will then need to update their app - and if you have not done so automatically, you’ll be prompted to do so when you open you Dozens app.

The cards will only be visible in the new app - so while we turn this on for everyone at the same time, it will depend when each customer updates their app.


Ah, so it’s a race against the clock for you guys!

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Hi Robert,
Just a question about the PIN for the new card. I have been informed that owing to my usage I will not be issued with a physical card unless I request one. That’s fine with me as eventually I will be able to add it to Google Pay. I presume I will receive a new PIN that I will be able to view in the updated app. Will I be able to change the PIN in the app as well? I have always used an ATM to do this in the past.

good question

in fact, if you stick to using a Virtual card with a mobile wallet, then you no longer need a PIN, so there’s no need to change it. The authentication for these transactions will take place on your mobile device instead.

Once you have a physical card, then there will be a separate process for updating a PIN associated with the card for chip & PIN transactions.

Is a card PIN never required though? When I looked on a Google Pay help site it said the following:

"Step 3: If asked, follow the on-screen instructions
Some stores use old software that asks for a PIN or signature. If asked for a pin or signature, follow the on-screen steps.

  • Debit cards: Enter your bank PIN. This PIN is different from the PIN you use to unlock your device."
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I’ve got a new virtual Visa card in my app! Woop!

One question: your email said that because I’ve used my old card enough I will receive a physical Visa card later - can I opt-out of that? Just keep the virtual one and only that, because I expect to only use the card online for the foreseeable future?


Yes, of course! We :heart: that as we can minimise the plastic being printed

Please get in touch with customer service via the in-app chat (during open hours) and let them know and we’ll put you on the list!



Will shareholders get a virtual shareholder card too?


Hi Robert,
I had a normal card and a shareholder card.
Have both been updated as the shareholder card does not seem to have been.

The Shareholder cards are being discontinued. However, there is something in the works to replace this benefit, and our original shareholders will be first in line to receive this.

We will send you details of this by email very soon.

For the time being, you can transfer funds from your existing shareholder card to your original ‘mango’ card, and from there top up your Visa card


ok thanks very much understood :smile:


Is that the new matte black card?

Yes, but it is more than just the colour of the card