A euro account

A euro account and card would be helpful linked to your current account but with a separate card would help people who go to Europe a lot like I travel to Ireland and bank charges and poor rates given by many doesn’t help I think a euro account will help cause at present I have an account in Ireland to provide that but need to do many international transfers to Ireland which I could avoid if I had a euro account **

Euro accounts are obviously popular, and topical, of course.

I assume you are imagining a card that would allow you to hold, and to spend those Euros directly, rather than using a regular GBP£ card that offered you reasonable exchange rates?

You can already spend on your existing card for no fee from Dozens in Euros and any other currency, and transfers to Euros are now possible too.

I can see that if you wanted to avoid currency fluctuations, or had quite a few transactions coming in and out on a regular basis, and wanted to keep money in Euros that would be different, so maybe this is something we might review for the future.

How often do you imagine you would use this?

I would actually use it regularly as I currently use permanent tsb accounts in Ireland for that purpose so yes having that would be fantastic and make life so much easier

As someone like me that travels a lot for work and pleasure, having a euro card is so much easier. Yes spending on a UK GBP card with no fees means you are not ripped off, however from a budgeting point of view knowing that hotel cost you 150 euros straight away, than having to wait for the transaction to settle just gives you that extra piece of mind.

It’s also easy to get confused with currencies when abroad, so using euro in a euro country is just less confusing.

As I commented you can’t use normal account for euro transactions just card payments and I do more than just card payments in euros so need a euro account and if one was next to a uk current account but done everything a euro account did and linked to the uk account for transfers between the two would be good cause then I would be able to do things like standing orders and direct debits from the euro account and save in euros which would be a great help cause everyday banking in euros when your non euro resident is tricky awkward and costs more

By the same token it’d be nice to have a USD account

Perhaps you could implement this from a card to a currency kind of deal?

My little dozens card could have GBP/USD/EUR written on it and then I could transfer funds at whatever rate you’re converting at for a percentage cut for dozens?

That way I know what I’m spending and I can work in local currencies

Perhaps in the future you could partner to get local BINs to avoid DCC on these cards too?

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