25th June 2020: Live Q&A with AC


As has been discussed for a month or two we are planning to run a new #AskAC event so you can put your questions directly to Dozens’ Founder and CEO, Aritra Chakravarty.

This time we are planning a ‘Live’ event since more of us will be at home and able to participate directly, so we can make it fun and interactive.

The focus of this session is to reassure and inform customers about their accounts and so we want this first session to cover the things that are relevant to them.

The Date

Our new date for this event is now Thursday 25th June, 2020 from 18:00 - 19:00


The Plan

Our plan is to run a Zoom meeting with several well known faces, where I can put your questions to @AC and others in the senior team at Dozens, while as many customers as possible can follow along the livestream. You will be able to submit questions in advance, but also chat live to ask follow-up questions.

The Questions

We already have some great questions to put to AC from your suggestions. These include:

  • What are the top 3 features you are looking to implement next? Any chance to open your roadmap to all?
  • What are the things you got most surprised about customers behaviours in relation to the app and/or money?
  • Do you expect to see more or less players in Fintech in the.aftermath of COVID-19?
  • What would be (if any) the impact on the 5% p.a. fixed interest bonds after COVID-19?

If you have any questions you want to submit in advance, add them below or on the original topic and we will do our best to research anything we can, or get others involved who can answer your questions.

On the night, you will also be able to chat to AC, the team and each other, to ask follow up questions and add your comments to our answers.

The Aftermath

We will record this session and make it available for all customers after the event, so if you miss it, don’t worry. If you can make it though, please don’t hesitate to ask a question – all questions and comments will also be shared with others – and there may just be someone out there who is wondering the same thing as you.

Thank you again, and look forward to seeing you on the night.

Here is the original poll for future reference - this is closed and you can no longer take part. Please vote in the updated poll:

Thursday April 30th, 2020

Please let us know below if you plan to make it so we can have an idea of numbers.

  • Yes I can make this date
  • I can’t make this date, can we try to find another one?
  • I can’t make it, but happy to watch a recording

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Thank you so much to everyone who has replied so far, particularly to those who’ve said they can make it like @Alfa @Dreganwbay & @ElectricSunrise.

I want to roll this out in stages to make sure we include as many people as possible, but don’t want to commit too early in case we need to make changes. Normally we would just have to pick a date to film and share it (and hope), but since we actively want to include you all, I want to use this opportunity to be guided by you as much as possible.

I would like to be more certain that we have the right date before we send an invitation to a wider audience - so you guys call the shots! :slight_smile:

Can I ask those who can’t make it (@maria @Lapitech @ColinR @oupabota @Genome) to let me know whether it is the date or the time that is an issue, and whether changing it might help?

The 30th is now already close, so I am very tempted to put it off a little longer to make sure we have given everyone a decent chance to take part if they want to - or at least to submit questions.

I look forward to hearing from you

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The hour doesn’t quite fit for me because I’ll most likely be at work (key worker), that’s why I said I wont attend but I’ll try to have a peek if I can.

I like a lot of the questions that got suggested so if I can get an answer to those I’ll be happy, there’s no need to try to accommodate me.

Keep safe


Quite understand @oupabota - thanks so much for letting us know

And a special thank you for having to be at work for us while we do this from home!

I’m one of ‘watching from the back of the room’ types. Happy to watch after but not interested in appearing.


Thank you so much to everyone for your replies so far.

I have some news which I hope will have a positive effect.

With all that is going on, it is hard to be sure that our message has reached enough customers, and members of this community. We may not be getting out much, but we still seem to be very busy. I don’t know about you, but my social activities have actually increased - with seminars, staff social events, family calls, exercise sessions, and more all clamouring for time on the screen when I’m not working.

Event to be postponed slightly

I hope you don’t mind, but with only a few of us able to take part so far (and as many not able to, but intending to watch another time anyway), I would like to reach out to more members of this community and the Dozens customers, in order to ensure those who want to participate can do so.

It means I need to give them fair warning as well (and still get the message organised), so if you don’t mind, I will postpone this a week and a bit.

Who knows, we may have further clarity by then from the government about a possible change to the current circumstances.

Can you let me know as soon as you can if you can make either of the following dates between 18:00 and 19:00 (I have made it a bit later to help avoid clash with work for those affected).

  • Tuesday 12th May
  • Thursday 14th May
  • Either date
  • Another date (please leave a comment)

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As always, feel free to share any other feedback or ideas below

I then hope to share the chosen date with others to see if any more would like to join us or submit questions.

Sorry for the change :slight_smile:

Tuesday 12th would be my company’s monthly board game night, so wouldn’t be able to attend that evening :smiley:

With me it is the time - I am still working during those hours unfortunately but I am suppose to finish at 5:30pm so I could join in towards the end but it would depend on deadlines etc as I might even work beyond those hours. Hence why I would be willing to watch back afterwards either way!

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Hi Dozens Team :wave:

I am an Investor and big believer in Dozens! Visit this page almost everyday but havent created an account, finally I thought it is good to have an account here.

Apologies for too many questions and sorry if my questions are rude or comparing with others

I have few questions to ask to AC:

  1. Why did you guys stopp doing AskAC, it was very useful to know what is going on!
    1.1 Please can you do this at least once in 2 months
    1.2 Also, you can do AMA (Ask Me Anything), any other team member can give some update (Dont need to be live, but recorded will also be fine)

  2. Really disappointed with the Seedrs update!
    2.1 Last Update from Eleanor is on Nov 2019 in Update Section, of-course she answered some of the questions, but It is hard to check each and every question to see what is happening, So it will be useful if you guys give update at least once in 2 months or if you have any Happy/Exciting/Concerning news you want to share with us

  3. Series A
    3.1 Where are we now with this?
    3.2 How Covid19 affecting this?
    3.3 How safe we are financially (I dont know the exact term to use, basically i was trying to know how many months we can run as a business without any additional money)
    3.4 Did you furlough any staff members (how is it affecting your plan, what product/feature will be delayed)
    3.5 Any plans to do future CrowdFunding

  4. Partnership with Visa
    4.1 Where are we with this
    4.2 What excited feature you are looking forward to add after this (Sorry if it is mentioned somewhere, but it is good to hear from AC)

  5. Banking License
    5.1 Where are we with this?
    5.2 Any ETA on details will be really useful (I know it is hard when Regulators are involved but any approximate date/month/quarter) will be useful

  6. Investment Product
    6.1 How is it doing? Are you happy with the way it is performing
    6.2 Any plans to add any other products (SIPP etc)

  7. Money Transfer Service
    7.1 How is this performing?

  8. Where do you see Dozens by end of this year (Number of Customers, Funding Round, New Products, Number of Employees)

  9. Given Interest Rate is very low and every other high street banks are reducing the interest rate, is it really possible to Provide 5% bond or we are in a state we got the good amount of customers (remember you saying we just needed 100k to break-even) we dont need to spend money on this

  10. Open Product Roadmap, it will be great if you can create this (There are some other Startups do this, FreeTrade, Monzo)

Sorry for comparing but there are some Startups doing pretty good at some of the things

FreeTrade - Excellent Community & Forum - Frequent update, What shall we do to get to that stage
StashBee - Brilliant Update from Founders, Investors are quite happy with that and i can see the detailed progress on anything they do

Thank you


Wow - thank you so much for all this stuff to think about :slight_smile:

We are very happy you’ve joined us here to share your experience.

I can answer the first of these things here myself since it does need to wait until the live session.

You can blame that one on me. We were on a regular schedule, but this was interrupted and I failed to get things back on track in the new year as hoped. I was literally planning both a series of AskAC interviews and some new in-person events to go hand in hand with the relaunch of the community … when the Covid19 crisis hit. We managed to get the new design and categorisation live, but everything else in that plan is really on hold.

However, this is exactly why we decided we needed to try this live AskAC so we could replace these in some way.

Other questions

There are quite a few very specifically ‘investor’ questions here that might be best answered with a different audience. As I have mentioned elsewhere (but I will add to this topic as well for clarity), there is a difference between the material of interest to customers and that for investors.

Our primary concern right now is to reassure and inform customers of Dozens about their accounts and so we want this first session to cover the things that are relevant to them.

Talking about “runway” (the term I think you were looking for in 3.3) for example, will make sense to an investor, but could confuse, and therefore maybe concern, a regular customer who simply wants to know when we might be adding further ETF options to the Invest shelf, for example.

I do hope we can do an investor version very shortly after this session where we can go into these details as well, but I don’t want to organise this until we’ve learned the lessons of the session.

However, I will certainly add these to the list and we will do our best to answer what we can of these.


Thanks. I agree some of these are Investor specific questions and it is good to know the answer for those, Investor specific sessions will be great given we havent got proper update for sometime!


Just wanted to clarify that this is why I have made the new suggestion a little later (18:00 - 19:00) - hopefully that works better?! What day is better for you in that case?


The time is great! And whichever day suits you all the best, I will insist to shut down and be ready for 18:00, no matter what day out of the two.


Hi Robert,

As an investor, I’m deeply concerned with the lack of communication and transparency from the Dozens leadership team. I attended the investor event in September 2019 which was well organised (and led to an investment top-up) and where you committed to regular updates; however, a part from some very vague figures, nothing has been shared since. I don’t believe it takes an AskAC event for AC to send an update to business shareholders and stakeholders and I would request you to organise and circulate the date of an investor meeting as soon as possible. This would hopefully reassure Dozens stakeholder about their investment.

Thank you


thanks @FFP, your request is certainly noted - and in fact I plan to do some more communication with the Seedrs group myself soon so as to improve the situation. As I said, I cannot organise a second event until I have more feedback on this first customer event, so please bear with me, and wish me luck with this first trial event :slight_smile:

Decision: 14th May

Since most of your don’t really mind, but a couple particularly prefer it, Thursday 14th is now the date, so I have closed the poll and will make all endeavours to get that event organised.

I will set up an event page to register on so I can have specific numbers and so I can send you a link to whatever host solution we settle on 24 hours in advance.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


I am very sorry to say that I am going to have to postpone this event again.

I have written to most of you personally already if you had already sent a question or had said you were thinking of attending.

Coordinating something very new like this and getting the word out to all the right people, with all the uncertainty in the world and ever changing calendars, is proving trickier than I expected - so this is on me.

I am still working on this, and some other events, so I will still hope to put your excellent questions to AC in the near future.

If you have any questions for this event, or any questions for me about anything, do feel free to send them to me. Several of you have already written and shared your kind support and I really appreciate it.

I hope to come back soon with news on the event


Hi Robert,

Can you give us some updates on the event? it’s been already 2 weeks since you had to postpone :frowning:
As a customer I would like to know:

  1. When will I be able to use my card with apple pay?
  2. Why are there no low-risk (risk 1 & 2) investment products and when are you planning to launch? Oval has made some interesting partnership to launch some capital protected products
  3. Will I be able to purchase “physical” gold through the app? Revolut and other players in Asia are doing this in a very user friendly way.
  4. When will you re-launch the fixed interest bond?

We all look forward to hearing from you


Some excellent questions there @FFP

I would love to get stuck into answering them … but I will leave this for the session unless any of them are very urgent for you? I want you to hear the answer directly from AC, but I also don’t want anyone to feel like they are not getting the info they need.

The one question here I will (try to) answer is the information on the event. I don’t have a specific date yet, but we are actively discussing this internally as we have a series of things we want to do, and this will probably be the first … so it shouldn’t be long.


Hi @robert,
After a full month from the cancellation of the original event, I believe Dozens customers need some communication and commitment. Is the event still going to happen and if yes, when? Can you be precise with a date, as we are way past the “soon” or “shouldn’t be long” time-frame you stated.
On may the 5th you also said that you would soon be posting some updates on seedrs… I’ve seen many posts from users and investors (mostly requesting updates) but no answers from the Dozens. Will there be a response? if yes when?


I’m sorry that I have not yet been able to give a precise date for the event.

I can tell you that we’ve been planning the event as promised, and we have a lot of stuff to share, and we’re also hoping to have not just AC but other team members involved so we can cover a lot of ground in a single session.

There are still some elements that need to be confirmed before I can offer a firm date & time though - and I don’t want to have to change this again, so I have not mentioned one yet.

We have just hired someone on our team who is going to look after our Events and PR, and a take more hands-on role for the Seedrs board for this very reason. She’s brand new and needs just a few days to get to know the company and product better while also helping me to put together the event, but will be introducing herself on Seedrs very shortly, and I will also do the same with her here as soon as that happens.